The Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 evaluation examines how efficiently Clean Slate delivers services and the impacts that Clean Slate services have on clients’ lives.

The Clean Slate Program extends legal advocacy beyond an arrest or disposition by the court so that clients may avail themselves of opportunities to “clean up” their criminal records, even decades after their criminal case is closed. Individuals who have an arrest or criminal conviction in San Francisco may contact Clean Slate for legal assistance and advice, clarification about aspects of their criminal record, help correcting their RAP sheet, or referrals to other service and legal advocates.

Nearly half (49%) of Clean Slate’s clients have dependents; of those, 55% have two or three dependents. Just over one-third (36%) are employed, and most (75%) of those who are employed earn an annual income of $3,000 or less. Nearly one-third (30%) of those seeking Clean Slate’s services were never convicted of any crime for which they were arrested.

Download the full Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 evaluation or executive summary:

Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 Evaluation – Executive Summary

Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 Evaluation – Full Report


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