How To Use VPN on Mac

Step 1: Launch Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client

You can also find the icon in the upper right hand. Just right click and select Connect

Step 1a: If you don’t see the icon above, go here. Otherwise skip this.

You can find this in Applications > Cisco > Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client.

Step 2: Enter your credentials

The password is the same password as your email password.

Step 3: Confirm that you understand the warning message.

It is very important to note that while you are on VPN, the City’s Department of Technology can monitor any and all websites you visit.

Step 4: Confirm that you are connected. You should see a lock next to the icon.

Step 5: Accessing Open Cases and other office resources

On your desktop, you should have a folder called Staff Shortcuts. If you do not have that folder, go to and download Staff Shortcuts (MacOS) under "Download Network Shortcuts".

Step 6: Accessing Open Cases and other office resources, continued

Double click on Open Cases. If you receive the following message, click "Connect".

Step 7: Accessing Open Cases and other office resources, continued

Enter your computer login information. For username, it will usually be pubdef\flastname with the same password you use to login to your work computer. Also check Remember this password in my keychain so you don’t have to keep entering this information each time.

Step 8: Accessing Open Cases and other office resources, continued

You should now see Open Cases as you normally see on your work computer.

Please do not try playing videoes directly from Open Cases while on VPN, it will run very slow.

Step 9: Accessing Open Cases and other office resources, continued

If you would like to access other resources, repeat Steps 5 to 8.

Step 10: Acccessing Defender.Files and Gideon

Inside the Staff-Shortcuts-Mac folder, should be a web shortcut called defender.files.webloc. Double click it. To access Gideon, just click on Gideon from the Defender.Files menu.

Please note that Gideon does not work very well on the Mac. It’ll work, but it is limited in functionality.

Step 11: When you are done.

Disconnect from the VPN by right clicking on the Cisco icon and selecting Disconnect.