Teams – Making an event

Step 1: Open Teams app. After you are signed in, click on the Calendar icon.

You should notice that your Outlook calendar is synced with your Teams calendar.

Step 2: Click Ok. This should only ask you the first time you access your Calendar from Teams.

Step 3: Click the Add to Calendar icon to make a new event

Step 4: Fill out the fields. Remember to correctly set your dates/time! To add people to this event, click “Add participants”.

Step 5: Adding people

Type in their last name followed by first name. When the person that you wish to add appears, click on their name/icon. When you are done, click “Done”.

Step 6: Confirm all information and details are correct and click “Done”

The nice thing is that if the person(s) that you are adding uses their Outlook calendar extensively, you can see any time/date conflicts before you schedule the meeting.

Step 7: Once you click “Done”, you’ll be taken back to the Calendar screen where you should see your event with a “Join” button.

  • Any participants will receive an email with your request for them to join you to which they can accept or decline the invite.

Step 8: If you wish to make changes or see who has confirmed or declined

  1. Click into the event, do not press the “Join” button.
  2. Go to Details.
  3. If you need to make edits, click “Edit”
  4. If you need to cancel the event, click “Cancel event”

Step 9: When you are ready, click “Join”

The first time you join a Teams meeting, you’ll be asked to confirm permissions to access your camera, click “Ok”.

Step 10: You are now in a Teams meeting

When others join, you’ll see their icon and/or video.

  1. Click the chat icon if you wish to text chat.
  2. Click the hang up icon when you are done with the meeting.
  3. To add other people, click the people icon