Specialty and Reentry Unit

The Specialty Courts Unit represents clients in Specialty Courts, where alternatives to incarceration, such as drug rehabilitation and intensive case management, are provided. The Specialty Courts include Drug Court, Behavioral Health Court, Prop. 36 Court, Back on Track, Neighborhood Courts, Probation Alternative Court/Intensive Supervision and Community Justice Center. These courts work with individuals in the criminal justice system who are challenged by substance abuse, mental illness and other social welfare concerns. Judicial officers utilize evidence based practices with a focus on recovery and supervise the treatment progress through interaction with clients during court hearings. The goal is to improve individual outcomes, minimize incarceration, strengthen family support and reduce recidivism. Unit attorneys coordinate with office social work staff to optimize treatment progress and success.

The Reentry Unit provides legal, social, and practical support through its Clean Slate and Social Work components. The Reentry Unit addresses the complex legal and social problems confronted by our clients. The Reentry Unit strives to eliminate the lifetime barriers to employment presented by having a criminal record, and to maximize the health and self-sufficiency of clients who are in need of prisoner reentry services. Social work staff assess client needs and provide referrals to supportive programs, such as counseling, substance abuse, mental health treatment, employment and vocational training, education, housing, and support for families.

CIP Evaluation 2008 – Full Report

Reentry Unit Social Work Services Evaluation – Full Report