David DePape’s Public Defender Reacts to Verdict in State Case

Argues “vindictive prosecution” issue will be looked at going forward

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, in the state case against David DePape, a San Francisco jury found DePape guilty of five felonies related to his actions at the home of Nancy and Paul Pelosi in 2022. The jury found him guilty of residential burglary, false imprisonment of an elder, dissuading a witness from reporting a crime, threatening a family member of a public official, and aggravated kidnapping. DePape was previously tried and convicted in federal court and was sentenced to 30 years in federal custody. DePape’s attorney in the state case, San Francisco Deputy Public Defender Adam Lipson, issued the following statement:

“We are disappointed with the finding of guilt for kidnapping for ransom. We do not believe he committed kidnapping for ransom. It’s unfortunate that it was ever charged. The decision to charge that crime is a textbook case of vindictive prosecution. It was only charged after it became clear that the attempted murder charge would be dismissed under California’s double jeopardy statute. We filed a vindictive prosecution motion arguing that the kidnapping charge should be dismissed because, among other issues, it was filed 30 days after all parties had stipulated that the trial had begun. The Court denied our motion, ruling that the trial had not yet started. This is one of the legitimate legal issues that will be looked into going forward. 

“Aggravated kidnapping carries a penalty of life without the possibility of parole. This means that after Mr. DePape serves his 30 years in federal custody, he will be transferred when he is 71 years old to spend the rest of his life in a California prison. Mr. DePape was living a very isolated and lonely life while dealing with mental health challenges when he got wrapped up in a lot of conspiracy theories which led him to this place. He will be continuing to deal with these challenges and more as he faces the reality of spending the rest of his life in prison.”   



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