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UPDATE: Federal Judge Grants Temporary Reprieve – Stops Deportation of Willian

SAN FRANCISCO – Today, Federal District Court Judge Charles Breyer extended an emergency temporary restraining order, halting Willian’s deportation until the Court can hear arguments and review the case. The Court set a hearing for Wednesday, June 2, at 12:30 p.m. to hear arguments on why ICE should not deport Willian to El Salvador. 

Willian’s life is at risk. In February of this year, he received a terrifying death threat from a gang in El Salvador. He filed a motion to reopen his immigration case with the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), requesting an opportunity to make his case before an immigration judge, and show it is likely he will be tortured if deported. The BIA is still considering the motion; however, the BIA also denied Willian’s request to stay his deportation while the BIA renders its decision. 

“The Court made the right decision,” said Francisco Ugarte, one of Willian’s lawyers and lead attorney at the Immigration Defense Unit of the San Francisco Public Defender. “We are pleased that the Court recognized the stakes at issue, and welcome the opportunity to show why it would be unjust for ICE to deport him.”

“I am happy for finally having hope that someone will listen to us,” says Diana, Willian’s longtime partner and mother of his children. “Willian is a marvelous man, who is fighting as hard as he can for me, and our children, and I truly hope people will see that.”

ICE has transferred Willian twice this week, first from California to Arizona, and then to Louisiana, where he currently awaits his fate.

The Federal District Court will likely make a final decision on whether to stop Willian’s deportation after hearing arguments from Willian’s attorneys and the government on June 2, 2021.



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