Statement from San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju on the Guilty Verdict of Derek Chauvin

“I spent last night reflecting on all of the advocacy – in the streets, and in halls of power – that led to this moment.   I want to honor everyone who participated in the summer’s global protests that led to this prosecution.  I also want to thank the jury for doing the right thing. 

However, I’m very cognizant of the fact that this verdict does not mitigate the normalized institutional violence that happens every day at every level of the system and beyond — to which we as public defenders bear witness on a daily basis — and which we have an obligation to expose, oppose, and dismantle.

George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight, on film, before multiple people imploring Chauvin to stop, while fellow police officers stood by and watched.  It will take much more than this conviction to end police violence against communities of color. 

The voices on the streets honoring George Floyd are the ones I stand in solidarity with. I will continue to fight alongside you for justice.”


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