FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 26, 2021

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SF Public Defender Client Deemed Not Guilty; Jury is Hung 10-2 due to Evidence of a False Accusation

SAN FRANCISCO – On February 24, 2021, a San Francisco jury returned a split decision weighing heavily in favor of “not guilty” in a case alleging rape where physical and circumstantial evidence pointed to a false accusation.

Deputy Public Defender Kwixuan Maloof, who represented the accused man, raised concerns through extensive witness testimony and physical evidence that the prosecution’s case was compromised by inconsistencies.

“These are very difficult cases and we appreciate that the jury largely understood that there were serious credibility issues with this accusation. The prosecution and our defense team presented extensive evidence during the trial which lasted over a month, and ten of the twelve jurors voted not guilty,” said Maloof. “This indicates to us that nothing would substantially change in a re-trial and we urge the District Attorney’s office to dismiss these charges to let our client get back to his life and family.”

Due to the pandemic, there is a large backlog of trials waiting to take place in San Francisco Superior Court.

“It was a robust trial, and I am proud of Mr. Maloof and the entire defense team for presenting clear and convincing evidence that pointed to our client’s innocence. There are many other serious cases waiting for a chance to be heard in court, and it is our collective responsibility to keep moving justice forward,” said San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju.



  1. Thanks Jeff Adachi for your due diligence sir it’s greatly appreciated amongst us Haight Street folk we have been thrown through the wringer just over some bullshit pot stuff and this is all pre legalization it’s kind of crazy the cops don’t even get out of their cars now let alone bust anybody for some fucking weed but not 10 years ago I did a 16-month term for direct sales to undercover well on probation for the same thing. You know what the fuck that part about it is that undercover was the exact same undercover the bus in me and got me that 16 months term 4 years after that right after I got off parole not even in a couple weeks I’m walking down Haight street with the love of my life and I have like a single half gram but in my palm of my hand and this guy walked up to me on Haight & Cole just like four years before I had a single nugget in my hand and he offered me twenty bucks for it for his prior I already had money in my pocket and I was just being a pompous dick really, but I was actually trying to do something for myself and I was really actually broke at the time and that’s the reason why I got leniency on the whole case was because it was the same undercover in the same get up like for real painters pants painters truck all the shit got out of his truck asking me if I would sell that piece of weed for twenty bucks and I said sure both times on the same corner four years apart same undercover not even a week after I discharged my parole. But now it’s like they won’t even get out of their cars unless there’s like some serious shit going on!!! Like even people that are breaking into cars aren’t getting arrested it’s like anyting under like 10 grand or less and it’s nonviolent and drug-related they’re not arresting’s like the cops don’t even want to get out of their cars because of the covid 19.


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