Danielle Harris, Managing Attorney of the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office Integrity Unit, appeared in this in-depth interview with Al Jazeera – US: Why are people trapped in prison with COVID-19? She appeared alongside James King of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and Adnan Khan on RE-Store Justice, both of whom were formerly incarcerated in San Quentin and now advocate for criminal justice reform. Together, they offered pointed insight into the causes of and solutions to the COVID-19 outbreak at San Quentin state prison.
Danielle Harris talks on @AJStream on November 3, 2020, about the ongoing crisis of COVID-19 in San Quentin and other prisons throughout California.

The interview included scenes from a new Fault Lines 25-min documentary called Pandemic in Prison: The San Quentin Outbreak about the devastating impact that COVID-19 has had on San Quentin, its residents, its staff, and their family members.


  1. Yes, technically, NO people should be in Prisons due to the existence of COVID-19, unless there is a 100% guarantee that they will not catch the Virus, and possibly DIE! Tens of thousands have already caught the Virus and many have succumbed to it while others have managed to stay alive. If anyone has caught the virus and recovered while in Prison, that person should be set FREE upon recovery. One try is enough for risking one’s life!!

  2. You are a naive fool, folks are in prison due to their crimes. If they die there it’s because prison is not a paradise. Prison is hell and that’s what society has created as a punishment. If a man gets bitten by a rat in prison should he set free? Obviously not. If a criminal is beaten by other thugs should he be set free ? Obviously not. Same with the virus. Want to be safe? Stay home and commit no crimes.


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