Nuala Bishari reported for SF Weekly: Former Prisoner Fights for Inmates’ Release – featuring Steph Liebb, a paralegal in the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office who was formerly incarcerated at San Quentin. Mr. Liebb now works on the post-conviction relief team offering assistance to people in California prisons with convictions from San Francisco who may want to petition for resentencing, or petition for release under the writ of habeas corpus during the coronavirus pandemic which has created deadly conditions in California’s overcrowded prisons.

“I’m so grateful not to be there right now,” [LIEBB] tells SF Weekly. “If I were in there, I would want someone going all out for me. The letters I get from family members are heartbreaking. Everyone in the San Francisco Public Defender’s office is doing whatever’s necessary to get them out.”

Click here to learn more about habeas corpus petitions and the status of various cases being heard in Marin County Superior Court for over 300 people currently incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison.


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