Justin Volk Investigation

In September 2020, SF OCME Lab Analyst Justin Volk was arrested for possession of an envelope containing narcotics bearing labeling and evidence tape from the SF OCME Lab. Mr. Volk has since been terminated from the SF OCME. Volk had been assigned to the forensic laboratory for nearly thirteen (13) years and has played a role in the testing, collection, and preservation of evidence in more than 2500 law enforcement investigations including: 500 death investigations, 1,200 sexual-assault investigations, and 800 Driving Under the Influence (DUI) investigations. In each of those investigations, the role of a laboratory analyst minimally involves receiving, logging, accessioning, storing, disposing, screening, and preparing biological and toxicological specimens for forensic purposes.  The Office of the Public Defender is currently investigating Volk’s involvement in casework and its effect on pending and resolved criminal cases. Public Defender staff are in the process of obtaining discovery litigation packets, interviewing witnesses, and issuing Public Records Act requests. If you believe you have an affected case, please contact us through our website “Contact” link via “Send Us a Message.”  Please refer to “Justin Volk” and provide your full name, contact information, email, phone number, case number, year of conviction, and any other relevant case information.  We will contact you when we have more information about your case and how it may be affected.