If you have been contacted by the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office to be an expert witness in a case, please be advised of the following:

As a government agency – we operate under a strict budget from the City and County of San Francisco. We typically retain experts for two separate phases: (1) reviewing materials, consultation and/or a report (please clarify with the attorney if a report is desired, and whether it should be oral or in writing); and, (2) testimony at hearings or trial. You must receive written authorization from the attorney to begin work. Do not begin work until the attorney advises you of the maximum fee for the case. After you begin work, if you do not believe your estimate is accurate, you must inform the attorney. Do not exceed the original authorized amount without prior written approval from the Chief Attorney.

We do not offer monetary retainers in advance of the work you complete. We will make payment for your services after we receive an invoice detailing your work hours and a description of the work completed. This invoice must be received within 90 days of completion of the work.