CopMonitor Database

How to use CopMonitor SF

Cops are listed below alphabetically by last name. You can filter or group officers in different ways. Click on the magnifying glass to search by cop name, date of incident, or the name of a police shooting victim. For police shootings, if it is noted that the shooting was “in policy” or “not in policy,” that information is taken from SFPD’s list of police shooting investigations since the year 2000 that can be found here.

You can also filter the entries by a number of fields—for example, viewing only entries for sheriff deputies or only SB 1421 records that include information on a shooting.

Most of the files are searchable PDFs and can be viewed here or downloaded for easier reading. Redactions in the records were made by the releasing agency—such as DPA, SFPD, or the Police Commission—not by the Public Defender, unless specifically noted.

If you see any omissions or errors or have other feedback, please email the SF Public Defender Integrity Unit at