Remote Work Resources

Without VPN or Remote Desktop

Remote Work Resources that can be used without VPN or Remote Desktop:

Clara webpage Zoom resources: court Zoom spreadsheet, interview schedule, RSVP and directions

Clara webpage Outlook resources: Outlook Web Access link and Reset/Forgot Email Password link (use this link with newer browsers, not Internet Explorer)

Clara webpage Remote Desktop / VPN resources: Installation, Mac and Windows directions for new CCSF-VPN1

Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint – Office 365 can be downloaded from Microsoft and activated with CCSF email account and password. Instructions: Go to and log in with your work email account. After login, click “Install Office” button on the top right. Follow the prompts to install Office.

Outlook email: Three ways to access work email:

  • On your phone by installing using Microsoft Exchange option.
  • Using on a web browser
  • After installing Office 365, run the Outlook app and log into your work email account

Mobile phonelist: Add Google account to your phone:, contact PUBDEF-IT for password.

Ensure that default phonelist is not set to shared phonelist. On iPhone, Settings / Contacts / Default Account should be iCloud. On Android, when creating a new contact, make sure the account dropdown is your own email or phone, and not

Note that mobile phonelist includes Zoom contacts for Court departments. Search contacts for “Dep” to find them. In some cases there are “Easter Egg” courtrooms – for instance, search for D11 to find that it meets under Department 10 Zoom.

Checking Voicemail:

  • Dial 415-575-6300
  • Enter 5 digit extension
  • Enter your password 

VPN Only

Remote Work Resources that can be used with VPN but don’t need Remote Desktop

If you connect to VPN, but don’t connect to Remote Desktop, there are some resources you can use. Your home computer is on the city’s network, and you can access work websites without remote desktop.

Gideon works best on Internet Explorer, but you may be able to get some functions to work with other browsers.

If you are able to view body camera video on Gideon, you can right-click on a body camera video while it is playing and choose to download the video to your local computer.

VPN and Remote Desktop

Remote Work Resources that require both VPN and Remote Desktop:

  • Open Cases
  • Closed Cases
  • Other shared drives such as ADVault, Media, Training folder
  • Work databases such as Clean Slate, Investigation, HubData
  • CMS