OWA – How To Setup Shared Mailbox Access

1. Open a browser and go to http://outlook.com/sfgov.org

2. Login to your work email account

3. Once logged in, right click on folder called “Folder” and select “Add shared folder”

4. Enter the email address of the shared account you wish to setup

In this case, we will use PUBDEF-Investigationrequests as a sample.

As you type it, a list of possible matches will appear. It will be easier and quicker to just select the correct one from the list of possible matches.

5. Once you’ve selected the account, click “Add”

6. On the left hand side, look for your newly added shared account and click on the arrow to expand it.

7. Click on “Inbox” to read the inbox or whichever folder you need

8. By default, when you reply to a message in a shared account inbox, it will reply as you, not the shared account.

To change that, go to next step to setup. You will only have to set this up once.

9. From the shared account’s inbox, select any email and click “Reply all”

10. From the “Reply all” message

  1. From the reply message
  2. Click on the “…”
  3. Select “Show From”

11. The From field will now be visible

  1. Click on “From”
  2. Select “Other email address…”

11. Look for shared account email

  1. Type PUBDEF-InvestigationRequest or whichever shared account you’re trying to add
  2. Select the correct email

12. Shared email account has been added

You will see the “From” say “PUBDEF-InvestigationRequests@sfgov.org”. Now hit “Send”.

13. The NEXT time you need to send and/or reply to email

  1. Click the “…”
  2. Click “Show From”
  3. Click “From”
  4. Select PUBDEF-InvestigationRequests (or whichever shared account) from the drop down list.