Checklists for Defense: A Training Strategy for Public Defenders

Checklists provide public defenders in high-pressure positions a lens through which to focus on the most immediate and crucial issues at hand, serving as a sort of “safety net” in situations in which repetition may result in mistakes.

In 2013, the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, in collaboration with the Center for Court Innovation (the Center), received a Field-Initiated grant awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to create the first-ever checklist system for public defenders and indigent defense attorneys nationwide. The goal of the checklist system is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of indigent defense providers, thereby enhancing the delivery of justice to low-income clients. The checklist is to serve as an extra resource for frequently overtaxed attorneys working in a complex system, in order to systematically ensure that critical components of a case are not missing or overlooked. Specifically, this project led to the development of targeted checklists and set the foundation for integrating the use of these checklists in attorneys’ day-to-day routines.

Toolkit & Training for Practitioners

Toolkit (PDF)

Defender Checklist Training Materials (PDF)


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