Clean Slate

A criminal arrest or conviction may present barriers to obtaining employment, housing, education and public benefits. The Public Defender’s Office Clean Slate Program helps its clients clean their records in order to overcome these barriers.

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Juvenile Unit

The San Francisco Public Defender’s Juvenile Unit is a national model of holistic representation. Its team of attorneys and social workers/youth advocates represent San Francisco’s diverse community and are dedicated to both the legal and collateral needs of youth and their families.

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Specialty/Reentry Unit

The Specialty Courts include Drug Court, Behavioral Health Court, Prop. 36 Court, Back on Track, Neighborhood Courts, Probation Alternative Court/Intensive Supervision and Community Justice Center.

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Mental Health Unit

The Mental Health Unit represents clients with mental health disabilities in both civil and criminal proceedings.

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Checklists provide public defenders in high-pressure positions a lens through which to focus on the most immediate and crucial issues at hand, serving as a sort of “safety net” in situations in which repetition may result in mistakes.

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Immigration Unit

The Immigration Unit fights deportation on behalf of local residents locked in immigration detention centers.

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