Case Tests DA’s Willingness To Disclose Officers’ Violent Pasts

A police officer and potential witness in an upcoming narcotics trial was once suspended for gouging a handcuffed man’s face with a broken crack pipe. Friday, prosecutors declared they were ready for trial, despite never disclosing the incident to the public defender.

Ruling: DA To Blame For Madden Fiasco

In a 26-page ruling, a Superior Court judge lays responsibility for hundreds of dismissed drug cases squarely at the feet of the District Attorney, stating prosecutors hid behind a procedural mechanism after failing multiple times to disclose evidence involving SFPD witnesses.

‘Ordinary Injustice’ Focus Of Justice Summit

In the wake of two law enforcement misconduct scandals that have thrown thousands of criminal cases into jeopardy, the 2010 Public Defender’s Justice Summit: There Must Be Justice will be devoted to exposing and preventing every day injustice.

Public Defender, Chief Attorney Earn Top Honors

San Francisco, CA – San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi has been named Defender of the Year by the California Public Defenders Association, while Teresa Caffese, chief attorney for the Public Defender’s office, has been honored by the Daily Journal as one of the state’s top 100 women litigators. Adachi will receive the award during […]

Woman Knocked Unconscious In Wreck Cleared Of Hit And Run Charge

San Francisco, CA — A woman who suffered massive facial trauma in an accident while fleeing her abuser was acquitted of misdemeanor hit-and-run last week by a San Francisco judge, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today. On the third day of jury trial, April 13, Superior Court Judge Garrett L. Wong entered a […]

Jury Acquits Man In Mistaken Identity Case

A man who faced life in prison over a 2007 robbery and shooting has been found not guilty by a San Francisco jury, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

Media Advisory: Forensic Experts, Criminal Justice Advocates Call For Independent Crime Lab

Public defenders, private attorneys and forensic experts will convene Thursday, March 25 to discuss next-steps following evidence of widespread evidence tampering in the San Francisco Police Department Crime Lab and call for the city’s crime lab to be managed by independent scientists.

Jury Acquits Honor Student Of Gun Charge

An Army veteran and Dean’s List student who was prosecuted over a legally-registered, unloaded gun was found not guilty by a San Francisco jury Wednesday.

Jury Finds Man Acted In Self Defense Against Off-Duty Officer

A motorist acted in self-defense when he used a knife to fend off a an off-duty San Francisco police officer during a road rage incident, a jury found Friday.

Good Samaritan Acquitted of Felony Auto Burglary, Receiving Stolen Property

A man who claimed he was trying to roll up the window of an unattended car was acquitted by a jury Thursday afternoon of felony auto burglary and receiving stolen property, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

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