4,500 Kids To Get Backpacks, School Supplies

The MAGIC Program’s Back-to-School Celebration and Backpack Giveaway, the largest of its kind in San Francisco, will kick off the academic year Saturday, Aug. 14 by distributing 4,500 new backpacks stuffed with school supplies to kids and teens.

Judge Rejects DA’s Claim Of Judicial Bias In Crime Lab Ruling

A court rejected a bias claim lobbed by the San Francisco District Attorney against a judge overseeing evidence issues in the crime lab scandal, ending prosecutors’ efforts to remove the judge from the case.

Courtroom Stunner: Case Dropped Mid-Trial, Teen Freed

A felony burglary case took a dramatic turn today when prosecutors dismissed charges mid-trial, hours after a public defender uncovered key evidence that exonerated her teenage client.

Jury Finds Woman Not Guilty Of Muni Robbery

A San Francisco woman accused of kicking and robbing a fellow Muni passenger was found not guilty of felony charges after a month-long trial, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

*Video* Public Defender’s Campaign Takes Aim At Bias

Watch ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty,’ a :30 video launched by the San Francisco Public Defender’s office to remind people of their Constitutional right of presumed innocence.

Jury Acquits SF Man of Murder

A San Francisco man who stabbed an attacker who burst into his residence was found not guilty Tuesday of second degree murder.

Judge Dismisses Vehicular Manslaughter Case In 2009 Crash

A judge dismissed a vehicular manslaughter charge Tuesday against a motorist involved in a 2009 fatal crash after determining that prosecutors unreasonably delayed the case and police lost critical evidence.

Case Tests DA’s Willingness To Disclose Officers’ Violent Pasts

A police officer and potential witness in an upcoming narcotics trial was once suspended for gouging a handcuffed man’s face with a broken crack pipe. Friday, prosecutors declared they were ready for trial, despite never disclosing the incident to the public defender.

Ruling: DA To Blame For Madden Fiasco

In a 26-page ruling, a Superior Court judge lays responsibility for hundreds of dismissed drug cases squarely at the feet of the District Attorney, stating prosecutors hid behind a procedural mechanism after failing multiple times to disclose evidence involving SFPD witnesses.

‘Ordinary Injustice’ Focus Of Justice Summit

In the wake of two law enforcement misconduct scandals that have thrown thousands of criminal cases into jeopardy, the 2010 Public Defender’s Justice Summit: There Must Be Justice will be devoted to exposing and preventing every day injustice.

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