Man Acquitted Of Child Molestation After Misunderstanding

A man who broke up a squabble between his son and a female cousin by grabbing the girl above her waist was acquitted of child sexual abuse, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

Gangs, Drugs and Neuroscience to Take Center Stage at May 29 Summit

Former gang members, top law enforcement officials, leading neuroscientists and drug reform pioneers will gather for a frank and fascinating discussion at the 2012 Public Defender’s Justice Summit on Tuesday, May 29 at San Francisco Main Library.

Fisherman Acquitted After Stabbing His Tormentor

A senior citizen whose fishing trip turned into a nightmare after a younger man beat him and urinated into his bait bucket was acting in self-defense when he stabbed his assailant, a jury found Wednesday afternoon.

Acquittals in Submerged Car, Road Rage Cases

A father accused of spinning ‘donuts’ with his car before plunging the vehicle into the Bay and a moped-rider charged with head-butting a Lexus driver were acquitted in separate cases Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

Man Cleared of Threats, Battery

San Francisco, CA — A man accused of flying into a violent rage after discovering a couple having an illicit tryst in his home was cleared of all charges Monday afternoon following a jury trial.   Jury members deliberated a day and a half before finding San Francisco resident Ricardo Politron-Sanchez, 43, not guilty of […]

Public Defender Asks Judge To Set Aside Pleas In Tainted DUI Convictions

San Francisco, CA — The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office today filed a legal challenge in the first of hundreds of driving under the influence convictions tainted by improperly-tested field sobriety equipment.   The case involves a man who entered a no contest plea Nov. 7 to one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence. […]

SF District Attorney and Public Defender to Review Driving Under the Influence Cases Involving Preliminary Alcohol Screening Devices

San Francisco, CA — Public Defender Jeff Adachi and District Attorney George Gascón are investigating cases where Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) devices were used by the San Francisco Police Department when arresting a suspect for driving under the influence. Since the mid-1990’s, the SF Police Department has used PAS devices to administer breath tests to […]

Self-Defense Overcharged As Murder Results in Acquittal

San Francisco, CA — A man who was attacked in his home by two men, one of them wielding dual broken bottles, was acquitted of murder charges on February 23, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced. Phuc Le, 44, the son of a U.S. serviceman who came to this country through the Amerasian Homecoming Act was […]

When “Realities” Collide, There Is Reasonable Doubt

San Francisco, CA — A young man was acquitted of attempted murder charges on February 17, 2012, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced. Terence Singleton, 25, was acquitted of attempted murder charges.  If convicted of the original charges, he would have been sentenced to life in prison. Instead, the jury deliberated for only an […]

Public Defender’s Office Celebrates Nine Decades of Delivering Justice to San Franciscans

The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office is celebrating its 90th Anniversary, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced. In 1921, the California Legislature passed the Public Defender Act after Clara Foltz, California’s first female lawyer, spent years advocating for the creation of Public Defenders’ offices to provide legal assistance to poor people in criminal law […]

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