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Video: Deputy Public Defender Unjustly Arrested

San Francisco, CA --- San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi today released video showing a deputy public defender being unlawfully arrested outside a courtroom...

At Inauguration, Adachi Pledges to Battle Bias

Pledging to battle racial bias in the criminal justice system, Jeff Adachi was sworn in for a fourth term as San Francisco Public Defender today.

Public Defenders at Forefront of Reforms in 2014

Annual Report and calendar highlight year of improving the system.

Op-Ed: Contra Costa DA’s Race-Blind Claim Doesn’t Bear Scrutiny

In guest commentary for the Contra Costa Times, Deputy Public Defender Christopher Hite takes DA Mark Peterson to task over Peterson's claim that race has no effect on justice system outcomes.

SF Public Defenders Hold ‘Hands Up’ Protest

More than 200 public defenders and allies held a “hands up, don’t shoot” protest today on the steps of San Francisco’s criminal courthouse to show support for racial justice and stand in solidarity with protesters in New York, Ferguson and around the country.

Man Acquitted of Torching Mercedes

A 48-year-old man was acquitted of breaking into a luxury apartment garage and torching a Mercedes after a jury determined his arrest was based on an unreliable identification, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

SF Public Defender’s Statement On Grand Jury Decision in Chokehold Death

"A grand jury refusing to indict in such an evidence-heavy case would defy belief--if it didn’t happen so often. "

SF Public Defender’s Statement on Grand Jury Decision

After reviewing the transcripts and evidence released Tuesday, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi released the following statement today on the grand jury’s decision against indicting police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

Thousands in SF to Benefit Under Prop 47

SF Public Defender establishes information line to assist former clients seeking relief under the new law or those who have questions about their eligibility.

Video Clears Woman of Attacking Foe

A 49-year-old woman accused of beating a rival in a barroom brawl was acquitted of all charges after a jury viewed video evidence that showed she acted in self-defense, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.