Statement From The Head of Our Juvenile Unit About The Historic Decision To Shutter Juvenile Hall

The vote to close down juvenile hall was a historic moment in juvenile justice reform. I am excited and proud to be part of the movement to re-envision this system. These institutions are not rehabilitative. The racial disparities are stark, and the confines of juvenile halls have a harmful effect on youth’s mental and physical […]

Public Defenders at Forefront of Reforms in 2014

Annual Report and calendar highlight year of improving the system.

2014 Public Defender Justice Summit The Jury Is Out Photos

Here are photos from the recent 2014 Justice Summit held at Koret Auditorium.

NO on SB 794 – Save The Right To An Impartial Jury

What is SB 794? Update #2 -05/19/14: SB 794 has been assigned to the California Assembly’s Committee on Public Safety. Your help is critically needed—now more than ever. Tell state assembly members that our right to a fair trial is too important to lose! Update–1/28/14: SB 794 is headed to the California Assembly after narrowly […]

Jeff Adachi to Receive ‘Access to Justice’ Award

For fighting on behalf of San Francisco’s poorest residents, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi will receive the Access to Justice Award, to be given by the Lawyers Club of San Francisco at its 66th Annual Supreme Court Luncheon.

Don’t Let The Court Destroy The Volunteer Attorney Program—Take Action Now!

Help us save the volunteer attorney program! Click in to read what’s happening, why, and how to save it.

2012 Justice Summit Photos

Check out the photos from the 2012 Justice Summit!

Public Defender Argues for $926,000 in Cost Savings

San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi will ask supervisors on Wednesday to allow him to fill seven vacant positions in his office–a move that could save the cash-strapped city $926,000 while ensuring equal justice for San Francisco’s poorest residents.

Time For Real Budget Reform

San Francisco’s impending $522 million budget deficit may come with a silver lining: It may finally force San Francisco city leaders and the electorate to make the tough decisions needed to turn things around.

Local Budget Measure Falls Short of True Reform

While Proposition A, titled “Budget Reform,” takes a few steps toward changing the current process by which our city’s annual budget is decided, it falls far short of the reforms necessary to address our city’s long-term fiscal health.

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