Racial Justice Committee Plan for Police Reform

1. Officers must have a minimum 24 hours of training on implicit bias and its effects, including perspectives of people of color unlawfully detained while walking or driving. Classes must include the impact of implicit bias on officer decision-making in the field. Additionally, officers must participate in periodic cultural competency training and education throughout their […]

San Francisco Examiner: Adachi To Bring Up Funding Issues At Washington Conference

Public Defender Jeff Adachi is off to Washington D.C. this week for a national conference on criminal defense for the poor.

An Evidence-Based Report on the Community Justice Center

by Jeff Adachi Now that it has been operational for three months, the Community Justice Center (CJC) should be evaluated based upon a factual and empirical analysis of objective data from the cases that have been heard in the court.  With the upcoming budget hearings focusing on the city’s dire financial situation, there will no […]

Study Confirms that Public Defender Reentry Program Saves Money, Lives

The first study to assess the impact of the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office reentry social work program found that alternatives to incarceration, reduced sentencing, and avoided jail days obtained as a result of reentry advocacy saved California state prisons over $5,000,000 and San Francisco County over $1,000,000.

Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 Evaluation Findings

The Clean Slate Program 2007-2008 evaluation examines how efficiently Clean Slate delivers services and the impacts that Clean Slate services have on clients’ lives. The Clean Slate Program extends legal advocacy beyond an arrest or disposition by the court so that clients may avail themselves of opportunities to “clean up” their criminal records, even decades after their criminal case is closed.

What to Expect From Your Lawyer/Know Your Rights

A client guide to the criminal justice system, explains the process and what one can expect from their appointed public defender.

Study: Assessing Need for Reentry Services Among Probationers and Parolees in San Francisco

Learn about the needs of San Franciscan probationers and parolees

Children of Incarcerated Parents Program Evaluation

The San Francisco Children of Incarcerated Parents (CIP) Program evaluation, for the period of October 2006 through December 2007, was funded by the Zellerbach Family Foundation to assess CIP’s effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Study: Effectiveness of a Mental Health Court in Reducing Criminal Recidivism and Violence

Mental health court can reduce recidivism and violence by people with mental disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system.