Justice Matters: Plea Bargains Are Ubiquitous. But Are They Un-American?

Welcome to the plea agreement. It can be a Faustian bargain, but it’s also a constant presence in our criminal justice system.

Public Defender No. 1: Jeff Adachi’s Revolution

Read SF Weekly’s cover story on San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

Behind Courtroom Doors

Why courts deserve the same public scrutiny as cops–an article by Felony Manager Manohar Raju.

Adachi: The Over-Policing of Black Women in SF

While citizens demand answers for the police killings of unarmed men of color nationally, an everyday injustice continues unabated in San Francisco: the profiling of African American women.

Francisco Ugarte to be Honored by Latina Group

San Francisco Public Defender Immigration Attorney Francisco Ugarte will be honored at a May 14 ceremony for his work empowering women facing deportation.

Race & Reform the Focus of April 29 Summit

Register now at sfjusticesummit.com

Man Who Sought Spaceship Escape Acquitted

A man who suffered meth psychosis was acquitted of robbery and other felonies after a jury determined he entered a Mission District apartment under the delusion he would board a spaceship on its roof, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

‘Stop Snitchin’ Culture Plagues Law Enforcement

The most influential Stop Snitchin’ campaign in San Francisco isn’t in the Bayview or the Tenderloin. It lives on the streets and in the jails, wielding power over those you might not expect: police officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Man Acquitted of All Charges in Nob Hill Killing

A man who testified he acted in self-defense against a roommate who raped him was acquitted of all charges in the roommate’s 2011 death, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

Jury Acquits Man Who Endured Police Harassment

A man who endured years of harassment at the hands of his neighborhood beat officer was acquitted after his public defender argued the arrest was vindictive, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

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