Op Ed: Jim Crow San Francisco

Deputy Public Defender Peter Santina pens an op-ed on why San Francisco is not immune to institutionalized racism.

Op-Ed: Contra Costa DA’s Race-Blind Claim Doesn’t Bear Scrutiny

In guest commentary for the Contra Costa Times, Deputy Public Defender Christopher Hite takes DA Mark Peterson to task over Peterson’s claim that race has no effect on justice system outcomes.

Op-Ed: The Waste, Inequity of Filling Jails With Those Who Can’t Make Bail

You may think jail is a place for convicted criminals. You would be wrong. In San Francisco, 85 percent of the roughly 1,300 inmates in county jail haven’t been convicted of anything. That’s more than 1,000 men and women. They are there not because they have been found guilty but because they simply cannot afford bail.

Viewpoints: Criminal Defense Attorneys Deserve Some Respect

Read San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s Op-ed in the Sacramento Bee.

Laura’s Law Can Help Decriminalize Mental Illness

In an Op-Ed, Jeff Adachi expresses support for the responsible implementation of Laura’s Law in San Francisco.

Why Audrie’s Law is Bad for California

Mandatory minimums for youth is a step backward, and won’t reduce sexual assaults or cyberbullying.

When a Juror Lies During Voir Dire

What happens when a juror lies about his or her past during jury selection? Read Jeff Adachi’s op-ed for the Daily Journal.

Solving Chronic Truancy’s Billion Dollar Problem

Some California counties are using a legal loophole to lock up truant youth — sometimes in solitary confinement.

Classrooms, Not Courtrooms: SF Resolution Takes Aim at School to Prison Pipeline

In a guest column in the San Francisco Examiner, Jeff Adachi expresses his support for a school board resolution banning suspensions for “willful defiance.”

California Must Revise Its Unfair System For Bail

Bay Area public defenders speak out on bail reform.

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