Save San Francisco’s Drug Court!

By Jeff Adachi Printed in SF Bay Guardian, February 2005 Thirty years after President Richard Nixon declared the national War on Drugs, this country is spending upwards of $50 billion each year to fight drug crime, abuse and addiction, continuing to pour money into another losing war, albeit, here at home.¬† Of the 2 million […]

Man Found Not Guilty in Stabbing SF Man

CBS 5 CrimeWatch  (BCN) SAN FRANCISCO РA 20-year-old Daly City man who spent the last 19 months in county jail on murder charges was set free Tuesday after a San Francisco jury found him not guilty, Deputy Public Defender Mark Jacobs said Wednesday. Read the rest of this story. Read the press release.

Breaking the Cycle

by Eliza Strickland SF Weekly It’s expensive and time-consuming, but a court can help cure the hard-core homeless problem in San Francisco. Read the rest of this story.

Broken Justice

Reprinted from the SF Examiner, February 18, 2005 By Jeff Adachi Last week, the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Legal Aid and Indigent Defendants published an extensive report on the quality of legal representation for the poor in criminal cases. The report exposes an underbelly of the justice system that is rarely seen on […]

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