From Mental Illness to Music and a Standing Ovation

The LA Times writes a follow-up piece on our talented client and the Behavioral Health Court’s 10th anniversary.

Mental Health Court Helps Save a Troubled Talent

A talented young violinist’s descent into mental illness and crime is checked by generosity and San Francisco’s Behavioral Health Court. Now Kim Knoble is playing again.

Pass the SF Due Process for All Policy

Read Jeff Adachi’s blog in the Huffington Post on Due Process For All.

Eight Jurors Aren’t Better Than 12

Shrinking juries to save money is no bargain, Jeff Adachi argues in this op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle.

SF Weekly: Barred From Freedom

Most inmates in our jail are there because they’re poor.

Op-Ed: New Court Jails People Without Trial

Read Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s San Francisco Chronicle Op-Ed on the Chronic Inebriate Court .

Fog City Journal: Rebooting One’s Life: Graduating From Behavioral Health Court

A profile of San Francisco’s Behavior Health Court, a collaboration between the San Francisco Public Defender, DA and Probation Department.

SF Chronicle: Drug Court: Addicts Kick Habit, Charges

San Francisco Chronicle profiles Drug Court, a diversion program that reduces recidivism up to 87 percent for graduates.

Bay Citizen: SFPD Told To Follow Law On Residences

Memo from chief emphasizes hotel residents’ rights in search and seizure cases.

SF Chronicle: Jurors Deadlock in SF Cold Case Murder

A San Francisco Superior Court jury deadlocked Tuesday on murder charges against a man accused of killing a sex partner nearly 29 years ago and leaving the body in McLaren Park, authorities said.

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