Threat to Juries Hidden in California Budget

Read Jeff Adachi’s Op-Ed on the dangers of cutting peremptory challenges.

A Fight Ahead on Peremptory Challenges

“We cannot fathom why the governor is pushing a failed proposal that has been rejected numerous times by the Legislature,” countered San Francisco County Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who called the proposal “a sham.”

Op-Ed: Truth Lost When Officers View Body Cam Footage

If the Police Commission makes the wrong decision today, we will lose the ability to require officers to write down their independent recollection as to what happened… It will destroy one of the main reasons to have the body cameras in the first place: to provide a check and balance between the police perception and video evidence.

Jami’s Ordeal Shows Public Defenders Deserve Respect

Jami Tillotson’s arrest was shocking. It’s also part of a pattern of mistreatment of public defenders. Read Jeff Adachi’s column in the Daily Journal.

Justice Matters: Plea Bargains Are Ubiquitous. But Are They Un-American?

Welcome to the plea agreement. It can be a Faustian bargain, but it’s also a constant presence in our criminal justice system.

Public Defender No. 1: Jeff Adachi’s Revolution

Read SF Weekly’s cover story on San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

Op Ed: Jim Crow San Francisco

Deputy Public Defender Peter Santina pens an op-ed on why San Francisco is not immune to institutionalized racism.

Behind the Scenes With An SF Public Defender

A Day in the Life: SF Examiner profiles Deputy Public Defender Tal Klement.

Bail Jumps For Some Offenses, Public Defender Cries Foul

Jeff Adachi speaks out on San Francisco’s seemingly arbitrary bail hikes.

Unique SF Program Aims to Keep Troubled Kids in School

SF Examiner covers the Public Defender’s LEAP program.

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