Justice Matters: Plea Bargains Are Ubiquitous. But Are They Un-American?

Welcome to the plea agreement. It can be a Faustian bargain, but it’s also a constant presence in our criminal justice system.

Public Defender No. 1: Jeff Adachi’s Revolution

Read SF Weekly’s cover story on San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi

Op Ed: Jim Crow San Francisco

Deputy Public Defender Peter Santina pens an op-ed on why San Francisco is not immune to institutionalized racism.

Behind the Scenes With An SF Public Defender

A Day in the Life: SF Examiner profiles Deputy Public Defender Tal Klement.

Bail Jumps For Some Offenses, Public Defender Cries Foul

Jeff Adachi speaks out on San Francisco’s seemingly arbitrary bail hikes.

Unique SF Program Aims to Keep Troubled Kids in School

SF Examiner covers the Public Defender’s LEAP program.

BMAGIC Celebrates 10 Years

San Francisco Examiner reports on BMAGIC’s 10 years of service.

Lawyers Help Troubled S.F. Youths Stay in Class, Out of Jail

The San Francisco Chronicle covers our Juvenile Unit’s award winning LEAP team.

Classrooms, Not Courtrooms: SF Resolution Takes Aim at School to Prison Pipeline

In a guest column in the San Francisco Examiner, Jeff Adachi expresses his support for a school board resolution banning suspensions for “willful defiance.”

A Setback for Fair Trials in Criminal Cases

SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi makes the case against SB 794 in a Daily Journal op-ed.

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