LEAP Team Named Program of the Year

Unique program keeps young people in the classroom and out of the courtroom.

April 23 Summit to Focus on Criminal Justice Reform

Discussion includes recovered memories, children of incarcerated parents, and death of the jury trial.

Solving Chronic Truancy’s Billion Dollar Problem

Some California counties are using a legal loophole to lock up truant youth — sometimes in solitary confinement.

Lawyers Help Troubled S.F. Youths Stay in Class, Out of Jail

The San Francisco Chronicle covers our Juvenile Unit’s award winning LEAP team.

LEAP Team to Receive Good Government Award

A unique San Francisco Public Defender program that keeps young people in the classroom rather than the courtroom has been selected as a 2014 Public Managerial Excellence Award winner by the civic planning organization SPUR.

Classrooms, Not Courtrooms: SF Resolution Takes Aim at School to Prison Pipeline

In a guest column in the San Francisco Examiner, Jeff Adachi expresses his support for a school board resolution banning suspensions for “willful defiance.”

Man Acquitted of Chair Attack in Main Library

A man accused of attacking an unsuspecting library patron with a chair has been acquitted of all charges after evidence pointed to a case of mistaken identity, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

California Must Revise Its Unfair System For Bail

Bay Area public defenders speak out on bail reform.

Kwixuan Maloof to be Honored by Black Lawyers Association

Kwixuan Maloof, a managing attorney in the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office, will be honored for his role in protecting the constitutional rights of the Bay Area’s poorest residents, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

Fleeing Abuse Victim Cleared of DUI

A bleeding and bruised woman who fled her attacker after a night of drinking was acquitted of DUI after a jury determined it was necessary for her to drive away in order to escape grave harm, San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today.

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