C.H.W.B: Coming Home While Black

A person of color who was prosecuted after he was barred entry to his own apartment building by a security guard that didn’t believe that he lived there has been acquitted of all charges, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today. Shaun Huddleston, 52, was facing up to two and half years in jail for battery […]

SF Public Defender’s Office honored with “Champions Public Defense” Award

Los Angeles—The San Francisco Public Defender’s Office was honored with the prestigious “Champions of Public Defense” Award on Friday from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) for its work on behalf of bail reform. The award was presented at NACDL’s Race Matters II Conference in Los Angeles and recognizes “an individual or organization […]

Public Defender Jeff Adachi Sworn-in For Fifth Term

PUBLIC DEFENDER JEFF ADACHI SWORN IN FOR FIFTH TERM “We’ve come together on this special day/Send a message loud and clear”- Earth, Wind, & Fire San Francisco, CA— It might have been raining outside, but inside was all Earth, Wind & Fire as musician and singer Tasche warmed up the crowd gathered at the fifth […]

An Innocent Man

Tenants’ Rights Attorney Finally Gets Justice San Francisco—A tenant’s rights attorney who fatally injured a man in self-defense in the Tenderloin was acquitted of on all counts today, Public Defender Jeff Adachi has announced. Carlos Argueta, 35, was tried for second degree robbery and murder after he became involved in a tussle outside a bar […]

Bad Samaritans

December 14, 2018: A victim of an attack in the Tenderloin is acquitted for attempted murder San Francisco—A man who was jumped and beaten in the Tenderloin was acquitted for attempted murder on Thursday, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today. Cheasarack Chong, 29, was defending himself when he stabbed one of his attackers, Deputy Public […]

The Time is NOW to Strengthen Miranda Rights For Youth

Patti Lee of our office’s Juvenile Unit spoke at a hearing this week about the need to pass legislation to strengthen the rights of children in SF that are arrested. The new law would expand Miranda consults for all youth 17 and younger who find themselves in a custodial interrogation by SFPD. “If we get this legislation […]

Criminal Justice Reformers Launch “Debt Free Justice California”

Our office is proud to join forces with many criminal justice reform entities as a part of newly-launched Debt Free Justice California. The SF Public Defender’s Office has worked hard to reduce the fines and fees that many people face who have already served their sentence,  and also manage to reduce the cases with the most […]

Jury Rejects Idea That Theft of Socks Should Be A Felony

FELONIOUS FOOTWEAR? Jury rejects idea that theft of socks should be a felony San Francisco—A woman was acquitted of felony robbery charges on Wednesday for taking a pair of socks from a shop in Fisherman’s Wharf this summer, Public Defender Jeff Adachi announced today. Raymoan Shaw, 30, admitted to the lesser charge of misdemeanor petty […]

Letter from Public Defender Jeff Adachi to Mayor London Breed

Public Defender Jeff Adachi sent the following letter to London Breed today to oppose an idea being floated to transfer inmates from San Francisco to Alameda County, should SF Jail #4 close permanently. To quote Jeff, “San Francisco needs to be at the forefront of the movement to end mass incarceration. We need to stop […]

Behavioral Health Court Graduation Shines

Apologies for the cliche, but there truly was not a ‘dry eye in the house’ at today’s moving Behavioral Health Court graduation. Clients shared their stories and struggles and received much deserved applause for their hard work. Public Defender Jeff Adachi said it best: “The Behavioral Health Court is an innovative model of providing critical […]

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